Secret Facebook Location Targeting Technique (EASY!)

If you’re not using this technique for your Facebook Advertising, then your campaign is not going to do well.

I’m going to share with you one important Geo-targeting technique that will increase your Facebook campaign results.

Using this strategy called “Micro-targeting” technique, I’ve gotten 3,000% Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) within two weeks.

Jon Loomer, a Facebook marketing guru, uses this too to promote his talk in Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. 

For spending only 100 bucks, he had driven over 600 people to attend his talk!

Ok, imagine now that you’re an education provider who will like to invite parents to attend your open house.

You know there is a nearby condo where your target parents are living at and you want to create a special offer just for them.

Using Facebook Locations targeting, you can drop pin and select your campus location. 

However, Facebook requires at least 1km radius, which means your ad will be shown to people beyond the target building, wasting your ad dollars.

With “Micro-targeting” technique, you can target ONLY the building you want.

Ok, now’s the time for me to show you the steps.

Step number 1 – Create Audience List

Your first step is to go to Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Ad Manager

Click on the top left menu and then click on Audiences under Assets column.

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Next, click on “Create Audience“, “Save Audience“.

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Step 2: Select Target Building/Venue

Go to Locations sections and enter your venue address.

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If you can’t find your target venue, click on “Browse” to expand the box, then you can click “Drop Pin” to select your target.

Set the radius to the smallest 1km.

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Step 3: Set Exclusion Perimeters

Now, the next step is very important, and this is what most people won’t tell you…

You will need to drop at least 4 more pins around your target location.

You can drop more if need better accuracy.

Once you’re done, click the drop down arrow and select “Exclude location“.

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So what we’ve done is creating a complex Venn Diagram consisting of exclusion and inclusion zones…

…that ultimately result in only one single building being targeted.


Change Targeting Setting

Bonus tips, if you want to make sure only people who are CURRENTLY in the building will see your ad…

…change the drop down from “Everyone in this location” to “People recently in this location“. 

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This will help you to reduce your CPC and increase CTR.

Use Day-parting

Remember to pair this with Day Parting for a better result.

For example, if you know that your target audience is out for work during the daytime, then you should only show your ads when they are home at night. 

Note: Only Lifetime budget (Daily budget don’t allows this) allows you to set scheduling in Facebook.

Ok, now it is your turn. 

Will you be implementing this technique for your next Facebook ads? 

Comment yes if you will, or No if you are not.

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I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you for reading.